How Can I Remove Surge Wax From The Bathroom Sink?


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Well when you use sugar wax or any type of wax than take great care that, it should not spread some where else because of your carelessness it is very difficult to remove it, which take time and continuous struggle.

For removing the sugar wax from your bathroom sink is easy but tiring work, you will have to take a knife and then fill the sink with hot water and close the flush out of water from the sink. Leave the sink with filled hot water for some time, water should be very hot, must be boiling water.

If hot water is not coming from sink tap then take some hot boiling water from kitchen, boil water well either in oven or on burner, make sure it must be very hot. So after filling the sink, leave it for 5 mins and then after 5 min, try to scratch the wax from the sink with the help of knife, and don't flush out hot water. After sometime it will remove from your sink but you have to continuously scratch the wax.

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