I Have A "Hurricane" Lamp That Had A Candle In It. The Candle Completely Melted In The Bottom. How Can I Remove All The Wax Without Breaking The Lamp? The Wick Is Gone.


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A hair dryer. You have someone, or a vice, hold the bottom of the lamp.Protect with cloth is using a vise.  Wrap a cloth around top of glass. You take a blow dryer, and blow around the edge of the glass, warming the entire circle. When warm, gently begin rocking the glass, while still blowing the edge. The wax  will become soft enough to pull away from lamp. Do not overheat, patience is key. When glass is off, clean glass as usual. Take a throw away aluminum pan, place over top of a large slim vase. Mold the pan around it. Remove. Place the lamp upside down over the form, place on the lowest rack of oven. !50 - 200 degrees. Wax will melt from lamp into pan. If it is a solid lamp, 1 piece, create a form that will hold the lamp upside down for a long period. Place in a box, or something disposable. A blow dryer again. But heat the base of the upside down lamp. While in something like a box, heat circulates, keeps the glass warm. Causing the wax to melt, and slide down and out of the glass. It does take some time with either method.
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You are up a creek, lol jk. Try submerging it in hot water, to loosen up the wax, use soap, that might help to loosen it. Or if the glass is thick enough, gently pry the wax with the edge of a spoon. I have some very thin votives, and I sometimes have to do this. I love the candles. Lol
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Pamela Krueger
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I've tried the hot water thingy but didn't work. The glass is not thick enough to withstand me sticking a spoon in it either...I may just be up that creek! LOL
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How about some hot oil, (not that hot to make it explode), but hot enough to melt the wax a bit, and start by wiping it out as its hot? Maybe?
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Not to worry I got the answer for you.
Have had to do this myself a few times.
Just put it in the microwave for a minute or two.
That will melt the wax enough so that you can remove it.
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Won't it break the glass globe?
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You are so welcome Jojo.. I love the candles and put them in all sorts of glass containers. Love to light them in milk glass vases. Such a beautiful soft glow. So relaxing to look at. I do this all the time, but at Christmas, I have them lit all over the house. The kids love Christmas at moms. I also spray the outside clear glass containers with the ice crystal spray and light candles in them. Very interesting look.
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Don't heat it up too hot. Just enough to soften the candle wax. Start with 30 seconds to 1 minute, (depending on how high your microwave is set), take it out and see if the wax is soft enough for removal. Be careful not to burn your fingers. I use a small knife to gently work the wax out once it has softened enough hon.
You could test another piece of glass that is not so important to you first, just to experiment on how long to heat it. Use the same thickness of glass if possible.
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I don't know if this will work for a Hurricane Lamp but I have put candle holders with wax that I can't remove in the freezer for about 5-10 mins. And then use a basic butter knife where the wax starts and gently push down on where the glass and wax meet and it just breaks nice and clear. (The wax, not the glass)
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Do they have freezers there? Lol. Good answer
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Yes, your tip worked for sure! Just put it in the fridge instead and kept there for about an hour...chipped away all the wax with a butter knife and WOLA! Brand new again...after,of course, washing it really good. Now to find another candle to burn and do this all over again. ☺
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Hi there Kid!!  I certainly don't think you're up the creek!  Just who are those pessimists and who for the love of God let them in?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  LOL!  I had a similar problem some years ago (when I was younger AND patient, if you can imagine that!!  LOL!).  I just stood the fixture in a sink full of hot TAP water and let it sit.   While it was sitting I boiled a kettle of water and slowly added it to the sink and so on, so on, so on.  Eventually I was able to get the wax out of the fixture using a tongue depressor or popsicle-stick type tool, if memory serves.  It took a good little while, but I wasn't up the creek then and I don't think you're up the creek now!  Let me know what you decide to do.  Love you!!!  :D
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Http://thewickisgone.com  If you pour some acetone in to the wax and swirl it around and around  the wax will disolve and you can dump the fluid right out of the glass.  Besure to rinse with soap and water when done.

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