I Had A Dresser That Had Mold/mildew Growing Around The Bottom. We Got Rid Of The Dresser. The Carpet Now Has Mildew Stains From Where The Dresser Was Sitting. How Do I Remove The Stain? And Will The Mold/mildew Spread Through The Carpet?


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I hate mold and the best way to get rid of it is with a UV light, put where kids don't look at it.I like the top of kitchen cabinets that are open on the top of them. I also have used deorderant to control mold. I moved back into a home that I had closed for fifteen years. Had mold growing in a dresser drawer and found a old can of Right Guard the old spray type,in the dresser. Sprayed all the drawers, it killed it all and has never grown back.Also got rid of the smell of it too. It may work on carpet but I am afraid that it more than likely has spores all the way into the pad. Wall to wall carpet is some bad stuff, but I have pulled it out, washed it on the driveway with disinfectants and soap. Then when it dried on the fence,had carpet layers relay it. Came out beautiful. So if you have problems with your carpet , it can , and I have done it. Take it out , in the heat of the summer, wash it and have it relayed. Don't let the carpet people tell you it can't be done. If its worth saving, its worth washing.
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It will definitely spread if you don't remove it fast, and could get into the air and make you real sick. Clean the area with disinfectant cleanser or a little bit of bleach. They do have stuff to clean mildew stains. Make sure the area is well cleaned.

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