How Can I Get Red Wine Out Of A Beige Carpet? I Have Cleaned The Carpet Only For The Stain To Reappear.


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Hi,the light carpet is hard to keep clean, so you should always clean it as it's easier to stain, to spot with colour etc.You should buy the product of deleting them, some of them have their effect ,they can clean it effectively and also depends on the products.
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It appears that the spot comes out when you clean it but comes back?. If this is so you don't have a stain but a spot. A stain is a chemical reaction caused by a substance that changes the color of the fibers. If it is in fact a spot try the following:

Rinse it again and vacuum up preferably with a wet dry vac. If you have used a detergent on your previous attempts just use water this time. It needs to be free of all detergents so rinse well.

Dry it really well with your wet dry vacuum and put a fan on it. If it comes up again do the same but this time don't use a fan. Instead put a dry white towel on the area and weight it down with some books. The idea is that while it is drying the substance will wick into the towel. you want to leave the towel there for a few days.

Some spills can be challenging even for a seasoned professional carpet cleaner.
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There is a product that I discovered 10 years ago that gets out just about nearly anything.  The bottle looks different but I recently ordered it and it’s the same amazing product but with an improved scent and much more user friendly packaging.  I have used this on everything from red wine on carpet to tomato sauce grout stains to blood on my little ones shirt.  The best thing about it is that it’s non-toxic and completely safe to use around children and pets.  (I started being a much more conscientious consumer once I had my little girl.)  I used to find it at my local marine supply store, but hadn’t seen it for a while.  I searched for it and found there are a couple of websites... or the one I ordered mine from  The second site offers it at a discount.  Hope this helps.  I know this product has been an absolute lifesaver at times.
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I used Salt, then rubbed with a wet cloth with Fantastic on it, then sprayed Fantastic on it. It worked great. Then I added a bit more salt, then rubbed more with a cloth. The stain was gone right be for my eyes! :)

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