How Can I Clean A Carpet?


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The method and product you use to clean your carpet will really depend upon what carpet you have, like for instance a Persian or Chinese one, the kind of climate you live in, whether or not you have messy pets and of course your budget.

The easiest and most popular method of cleaning a carpet is vacuuming it. You will need a vacuum cleaner and how often you vacuum will depend upon your requirements- in other words, when do you have time to clean, how dirty does the carpet get and so on.

Another feasible option is to get a hold of a good quality carpet cleaner. You can check the internet for options. However it is better for you to check your local janitorial store or sweeper store for some choices. You could purchase a carpet cleaning machine- this may be a tad bit expensive if you don't have spare cash at hand but on the other hand, there are places that rent these machines for about twenty dollars a day- which would do as well.
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To add to Elsa's answer. If you are using an extractor the trick is to not leave any residue behind. I tell my customers to do the following:

Do not put the cleaning detergent in the machine. Instead get yourself a pump up sprayer and put it there. Spray your carpet with it. Give it some dwell time to loosen soils. On your machine use only plain water. The final results should be a carpet with as little residue as possible. Why?, because a sticky residue attracts dirt and you'll be cleaning that carpet a lot sooner then you have to. Think about washing your clothes and stopping the cycle before rinsing. It will attract dirt like crazy, not to mention the feel of it.
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Here's a great guide to cleaning Persian rugs.
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Vacuum the carpet and then dilute one soup spoon of special shampoo for carpets in lukewarm water. You can find this shampoo in supermarkets. Apply this manually using a scrubbing brush.

Avoid walking on it until dry. You can use this way weekly or every 20 days so as to clean rug and carpet surfaces. Use a piece of cloth dampened with the same solution. It brightens the carpet appearance and its great the Persian and Chinese carpets. This way is really great and works on all the carpets. Good luck.
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I only clean my carpets myself. Previously I had hired companies to come in and do it. This however is far more expensive then it should be, plus I was never really satisfied with the results.

I started doing it on my own with a Rug Doctor. I would rent one 2 times a year - once in Spring & once in Fall. When I did this, I bought the solution that went with it. I have cats & dogs, so over time I decided it was best for me to just get my own machine. I ended up with a Bissell Pro Heat 2X and LOVE it. The machine is fantastic. It is shaped like a vacuum and handles like one. The only difference is the addition of water tanks.

In the tank, I use Genesis 950 for a cleaner. It works better then anything I have ever used. I have used it to remove all sorts of stains from my pets - and my kids. The first time I used it, it made a HUGE difference in how my carpets look. It makes them look like new - seriously like brand new.

To actually clean the carpets, I put the 950 in the solution compartment and clean water in the corresponding water tank. I use the machine on the high heat setting and adjust the floor traffic to heavy. Then just slowly go over the area. The machine automatically balances out the solution and water. After wating for about 20 minutes, I go over the carpet again just using a rinse cycle. This suck up all the dirt and stuff that the 950 loosened. Sometimes I go over it a second time just for a thorough rinse.

After I have rinsed, the room is off limits to everyone overnight so that it can dry. I usually put a dehumidifier in the room to try to suck out as much moisture as possible.

If you do it yourself, carpet cleaning can be super easy, inexpensive and can be done on YOUR own time!

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I always use the vacuum cleaning method to get rid of the dirt from the carpets or just hire some professionals to help me with this task.

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I use a homemade recipe. You need a foaming spray bottle that kind that some facial washes come in. Mix some Dawn detergent, some vinegar and some ammonia...about a tablespoon of each and then fill the container with water. Vacuum before and use just the foam of this mixture on the carpet, blotting afterwards with a soft rag. Before it dries use a rinse rag of just warm water blotting again. Fluff up the fibers and allow it to dry before walking on it. Of course pre-test this on a hidden spot to just for color fastness first .

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