How Can I Clean Rust On A Gas Grill?


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Some easy steps to cleanup your weber gas grill: Gas grills are comparatively easy to sustain. Occasionally, there are steps to take to make sure years of hassle-free performance. Some steps are given below.
Clean the cooking grate:earlier than or later than grilling (every time you grill), burn off any residue by simply turning the grill on high until the smoke stops, then brush the cooking grates with a brass wire grill brush. (Note: Cast iron cooking grates need somewhat different care.)

Change the Catch Pan Liner:The replacement Drip Pans can be bought from your local Weber dealer. These pans are made to fit your catch pan under the base tray of your Weber gas grill. frequently changing the liner also discourages animals from visiting your grill for a midnight snack.
Clean the bottom tray:Take away the cool bottom tray from below the grill and place over a trash can. Carefully scrape the inside with a 1" putty knife or other straight, flat object.
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Gas grills may rust or become dirty if they have been in the out in the weather for too long. It may look very horrible and would not work well if not cleaned properly. It would also be an embarrassment when outsiders see this gas grill hence it has to be maintained properly and cleaned regularly. This can be done easily without many problems. If it is just dirty then it can be cleaned with the help of a suitable barbecue cleaner.

If it is rusty then the best way is to replace the metal grill with a new porcelain grill. They are much easier for cleaning as well as maintenance. But in case you don't want to replace your metal grill then clean away the rust with the help of a steel brush. Scrape of the rust as much as possible and then mop up the dust with a waste cloth. Make the grill smooth by rubbing it with sandpaper and then apply a coat of rust resisting solution found in the market.
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I use a wire wheel on a side head grinder to clean the rust off my gas grill.
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Light the grill let it get smoking hot, then spray it with a mist of water, then scrape with wire brush.

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