How Do You Get Rid Of A Moth Ball Smell?


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The first step in the process of getting rid of the smell of mothballs is to take out the clothes from whichever storage facility they are kept in. These could be wardrobes, plastic bags or boxes or even storerooms. Once removed, they need to be suspended on a rope under the open sky where there is plenty of fresh air blowing around. With respect to clothes that could be washed, it is suggested to mix one cup of white vinegar at the commencement of machine washing. In case clothes are washed, they need to be dried under the sun. Once dry, natural smell eradicator needs to be applied on the clothes Lavender, cedar and mint are considered as biological mothball repellants. It is important to discard mothballs in the prescribed ways as mothballs are as injurious as pesticides.
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Some of the best ways to get rid of moth ball smell is vinegar, Natural Moth and Odor Repellant like lavender blossoms, whole cloves could help you kill the smell over a long period of time, cedar chips, the kind used for pet bedding, biological odor killer, although this is expensive can really clear the odor to a great extent. Even dryer sheets could help you to a great extent; you could probably put these clothes along with the moth ball smell clothes and keep them in a bag for around 48 hours.
Some of the other techniques that could be applied are to air the clothes outside for a while or even provide it with cool air and then wash it.
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White vinegar in bowls and sprinkle baking soda around and leave it a while and vacuum it up, and do it again, and again!
Don't mix the two! EVER!
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I need to get the mothball smell out of a cedar chest that I want to buy. 'what would you suggest?

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