My Washing Machine Smells Musty. How Can I Get Rid Of The Smell?


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You can use bleach but very little. Use a couple caps full of bleach, just enough to kill the smell along with your detergent.

If the washing machine smells anyway, I would look into why water would be staying in the machine. I have left clothes in a machine for a couple days and have not had this type of problem. Sounds like you may have other problems that need to be fixed.
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I find by rewashing them again with regular detergent and half-cup vinegar will take the smell away. The baking soda as mentioned also works.
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The best thing to do is wash them over again if you don't want to risk bleaching the clothes or you can put baking soda in the(arm in hamor)
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I use this special product you can buy at clubs such as Sam's etc. It's called Odoban and 1 capful does the trick in a load of clothes. Try it you'll like it.
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Turn machine to rinse cycle and add a cupful of bleach and it should smell fresh and to keep the fresh smell keep the door open a few inches. I have a front loading machine and sometimes I would throw kitchen towels in the machine and leave them and wash at a later date and when washed they would smell musty, the GE service guy told me the above info. Hope this helps.
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If you have an LG front loading wash machine than this is a design error. The water never fully drains and most likely you will find a gooey mold mess inside the doors rubber. Clean the rubber after every load you run and always leave the door open in between washes.
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Vinegar and baking soda
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Try using one and a half cups of bleach and wash on hot water on the largest cycle for the longest cycle this, should work.

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