How Can I Clean A Ceramic Hob?


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Many ceramic hobs come with scrapers and an advice leaflet which will include instructions on how to clean the hob.

Many people have their own method for cleaning ceramic hobs and each one will claim that their product or technique is the best. Some of the most popular products or techniques include using vinegar, Stardrops sugar soap and Hob-Brite.

One of the most important things to remember is to make sure that the hobs have cooled down sufficiently before you begin to clean them. Ceramic hobs can stay hot for quite a long time after you have stopped using them. 

Ceramic hobs are very tricky. They require daily maintenance; otherwise you can end up damaging the delicate surface of the hob.

In case of an emergency you can pour a mix of hot water and vinegar on the hob. Leave it to stand for some hours and then clean. The hot water will help you to soften the dirt and the vinegar will help you to remove the grease.

Stardrops is an all round cleaner and can be used on almost any surface. It is a yellow translucent liquid which usually costs roughly £1 per bottle and can be bought from many supermarkets or hardware stores. When using Stardrops to clean your hobs it is best to dilute the liquid in water at a ratio of around one part Stardrops to 20 parts water. This will help prevent any damage to your surface. 

Hob-Brite is a purpose made non scratch cream hob cleaner. It costs around £2 a bottle and can be bought from most home ware stores.
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Ceramic hobs needn't be such a pain to own, I recommend buying a good quality microfibre cloth and some Hob Brite follow the directions given in my blog post How to Clean Ceramic Hobs

Be careful using metal, sharps of any kind and remember, soaking with water often helps. Worst case is to soak with thick paste of bicarbonate of soda.
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How can I clean milk from the ceramic was hot milk. Did I burn the hob?
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Luckily with all the new products so freely available cleaning a ceramic hob should be no trouble at all. There are many products available even on the internet including Hg Ceramic Hob Cleaner which claims to remove even the toughest stains and dirt from your ceramic hob. It costs approximately four pounds.

Ideally you should clean your ceramic hob with a clean damp soapy cloth while the hob is still hot. You can spritz a small blob of the Hob cleaner mentioned before for the same. If by chance you do use some protective product after cleaning then the shiny dust repellent surface will definitely make the cleaning process a whole lot easier the next time.

You could take the help of a glass scraper to eliminate all the food deposits and tiresome stains. Always remember that the blade you use should be fairly sharp- it would be best to periodically replace your old blades. Never ever run the edge of the sharp blade along the edge of your ceramic cooking hob.
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There seem to be shadowy marks around the perimeter of the cooking rings! What is this as I just bought this hob 2 weeks ago .Please help!
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It is easy to clean and take care of your ceramic hobs. After you have finished using the ceramic hob, you should clean it with a damp cotton cloth. Make sure you do it when the hob is still warm. It is best to use a soft cotton cloth to do the cleaning. Sop is required while cleaning your ceramic hob, there are special products available in the market. These products are usually lathery, liquid and light in nature. Look in the racks for any kind of ceramic dish washing products. You need a soap to wash and an after washing protective product. This protective product is gel like and just need to be applied after cleaning.
This product will keep the ceramic surface shiny and make cleaning the next time easier. You can use a glass scrapper to remove dried food stains etc.
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There are different products which can provide satisfactory results while cleaning ceramic stove tops. One of the products is Cerama Bryte, made especially for ceramic cook tops. It is known to take care of every trace of dirt. You can expect to see your ceramic stove top as good as new, shining sparkly making you feel as if you have bought it just the other day. You can buy the product online and if you are lucky you may find it in local grocery and hardware stores too.

You can use "scrudge" pads for a soft scrub. Cook Top made by Weiman is also a good product for cleaning ceramic stove. Another product which works well is Mr Clean's Magic Eraser and Cerapol (available in Australia).

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