How Can I Clean A Silver Teapot?


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Silver tarnishes as a result of the electro-chemical reaction of the silver creating sulphur which happens when it is exposed to air.
There are silver cleaners on the market which are very effective in cleaning silver and effectively remove the tarnish. These are usually aluminium based.
A traditional remedy for cleaning silver is actually to use the water in which potatoes have been boiled (once it has cooled). A few drops of olive oil placed on a cloth and then wiped over the teapot will help stop tarnish from forming.
It is also important to wash out the inside of the teapot on a regular basis. When it is not being used, it should be stored with the lid open and a small cube or lump of sugar in it. This helps prevent a stale smell from developing.
If you do not use the teapot on a daily or weekly basis, then it is best stored in a plastic bag in a dark place. This restricts contact with the air and so keeps tarnish at bay.

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