Is Washing Up Liquid Harmful To Be Used?


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If ingested will washing liquid kill you
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Washing up liquid is primarily used to clean dishes and other utensils are mainly derived from petrochemicals. It has been said that these detergents pollute the environment in more than one way and are also harmful if ingested in large amounts.

Hence a number of people generally rinse plates that have been washed before using it again. Washing up liquids that are strong in nature also tend to dry out the hands and in some cases may be irritating or allergic to the skin.

Accordingly a number of new brands of washing up liquids have been launched that are derived from natural substances like salt and lemon which give the same result with respect to achieving gleaming dishes but without polluting any water bodies or causing damage to our health as they are bio degradable and completely safe even if ingested. Brands like Persil which contains Aloe Vera a naturally derived product and Ecover are supposed to be safe for all including the environment.

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Dishwashing liquid isn't harmful. People have been using it for a couple of hundred years and nobody has died yet from washing their dishes with it.

Some brands can bother your hands and in that case you just find another brand. In today's world you need something with an active ingredient to kill germs or at least to clean as best as you can.

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