How Do I Clean Suede?


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Suede has a very delicate texture that could easily get tarnished if a harsh cleaning product is applied to it. The good news is that wet and dry stains can be removed without damaging the product. Suede is a delicate fabric because of the presence of certain oils which are essential in the manufacturing process. Use a paper tissue to cover a wet stain. This will absorb most of the liquid. When it dries out use an eraser to rub out the stain.

There are some mild products available in the market which will disintegrate the stain, it will become flaky and fall off. Use a suede brush to rub the suede, the bristles of the brush should be made of brass. If you have suede shoes then they can be put out to dry if they have become wet in the rain. A suede block will help maintain the nap of suede.
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I'm looking for a suede cleaning solvent for women's gloves. Is there such a product? The gloves were costly and I only wore them one time. What can I do to clean them. The stain is an oil base stain on one glove and the other glove has what looks like red ink or possibly lipstick. I thank you in advance for your prompt reply to my question.

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