How Do You Remove Ball Point Ink From Beige Suede?


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To remove ball point pen mark from beige or any suede.... Spray "spray n wash" leave it for a min and with a help of paper towel donot rub but press and take off... The ball point mark will start fading..after 10 to 15 min..take any dish washing detergent add a little water and rub on the suede.... In couple of hours there will be no stain..... 100% checked and tested..
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Ball pen stain doesn't come off easy. Try using hair spray and then blotting off with a paper napkin, but I would suggest that you do a spot test on a similar material before.
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I have used Resolve aerosol spray on sued before and it worked great however please test it on a corner first to make sure it does not discolor the sued after it dries.

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