Can The Ink Stain Remover Remove The Ball Point Ink From My Shirt?


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Kelly Hill answered
Also you might try using hairspray on the stain...I have used this old trick many times and it usually works. It is better if you haven't dried it in the dryer yet.
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Nouman Umar answered
Yes the ink stain remover can be used to remove the ink from the shirts. But there are two types of the ink which are in nature of writing. One is the liquid ink which is generally used in the pens for writing and the other ink which is used in the ball pens. The water ink is easy to remove from the shirt by using of any liquid or detergent powder but the ball point ink is very hard to remove from the shirt so you can try this stain remove to remove the ink from the shirt. So this ink is very hard to remove once stick to the shirt however you can try this.

Just take some stain remover which is easily available in the market. Take a cloth or some tissue take liquid which will be made from the stain remover mixtures. Just dip the piece of cloth into the mixture you have made from the stain removal and just rub it gently on the mark which is present on your shirt. Just try this one or two time so that the stain can be removed from the shirt. So this is the way you can remove stain from your shirt.

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