How Do I Get Ballpoint Pen Ink Out Of My Polyester Shirt?


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In answer to your question about how to get ballpoint pen ink out of your polyester shirt, you will be delighted to know there are several methods to do so.

1.          - Lay your shirt down on a flat surface

- use a white cloth underneath the stain so that it is not absorbed into the rest of your shirt during cleaning

- Apply rubbing alcohol to a fresh cloth and gently dab your shirt where ever you see the stain. Make sure that you do NOT rub or wipe the stain whilst you do this, since this will make the stain SPREAD even further. Just gently dab until the cloth has absorbed all of the ink. Make sure you use a fresh part of the cloth to dab when it becomes heavily saturated by the ink.

- Rinse your shirt in cold water, then you can return to your usual laundry method straight after.

2. If the above method does not suffice, vinegar is a fail-proof method of removing stains due to its wondrous acetic quality.

- First, repeat the initial steps as stipulated above, placing your shirt flat with a clean cloth underneath the stain

- Next, create a solution comprised of 1 tablespoon dishwashing detergent, two teaspoons of white vinegar and a cup of water

- Soak a fresh cloth into the solution and let it sit on the stain for a good 20 minutes

- You can try rubbing the fabric together gently to help the solution set in

- Rinse in cold water and once again, return to your usual laundry method.

I hope this helps!

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