How To Get Rid Of Permanent Ink Stains And Ball Point Ink Stains?


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Sorry to disagree with N0pk4, but you can remove a permanent ink stain. My mom showed me how to remove one from my husbands shirt that had been there for about a year. Make a paste using oxyclean and water, use a towel or old toothbrush and rub it, rinse, rub and rinse. It may take awhile to remove the stain, but if you really want to save the shirt that is the best way to do it. Do not put the shirt in the dryer until the ink stain has been removed as this sets the ink into the fabric. Don't use nail polish either, it's too harsh for the fabric.
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Thanks, the oxyclean paste worked! Hairspray and nail polish did not do the job for me. Thanks for the advice, I needed to save that garment! (Toothbrush worked the best).
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What type of oxyclean? I only have the spray kind will that work
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Anything that wont cost money lol?
My mums going to kill me lol!
Its a new shirt!?!
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First of all I tell you one thing if you have any stain on your shirt which is of some permanent market then you need to purchase a new one instead of getting it remove from your shirt. But if you are willing to remove it from your shirt make sure you are mentally prepear for it because it is very difficult and lengthy process. If the permanent ink is stick with the fabric or the pattern cloth then it is impossible to remove it. There is no product in the world that can remove it other than just getting rid of that one and purchase a new one.

If you want to try you can try it. The permanent ink can be removed by applying the alcohol on it. Just take some alcohol and some towel and rub the clothes with that towel which is dipped in the alcohol. Rub the towel on the spot and you will see that in few minute the color will be transferred to the towel. So this is a good way to remove the permanent ink from the fabric or pattern cloth. The next thing is to use the nail polish to remove the ball point ink from your shirt.

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