How To Remove Ink Stains?


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Ink stains are difficult to remove, though not impossible. The possibility of removal also depends upon the material that is stained.

The usual method of removing stain from a ballpoint pen would involve the following steps. 1) Use a wet sponge to remove the ink from the stained area as far as possible. 2) Let the material dry naturally. 3) Use a hair spray on the stained area. 4) Put on paper towel each underneath as well as above the stained area. 5) Blot the backside of the stained material, and the stain will get onto the paper towel. 6) Apply laundry pre-treatment on the fabric. 7) Wash in the warmest water as the fabric can tolerate. 8) Let the material dry naturally in air.

When your clothes are stained from a felt tip pen, the first step is to lift the excess ink using a paper towel as far as possible. Use a clean cotton swab to apply denatured alcohol at the stained area. After waiting sometime, wash the cloth as you would usually and the stain will be removed.
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use washing soda with lime soak it in water and wait, Visit our website to know more life hacks
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How do you get gel pen out of fabric, I heard that if you use gel pen people can't wash your paper checkand rewrite on it so it's impossible to remove?
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Well getting rid of ink stains is not all that difficult, thought there are many different types of ink stains.

Water based ink stains tend to come off easily in comparison to other permanent ink stains. To get rid of water based ink stains, start of by placing the stained region on top of a clean dry white towel. Now put some water on to the ink stain and blot it with another cloth, getting rid of the stain as you blot.

Now put some liquid detergent on to the ink stain and let it soak for five minutes. Once the garment has soaked the detergent solution completely, rinse it thoroughly for ten minutes in hot water. Before putting it for drying make sure that the stain has vanished, if not then apply the liquid detergent once again and rinse thoroughly till the stain goes.

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