How Do You Get Blue Biro Off A Cream Leather Suit?


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Arjun Mitra answered
We all know how annoying it is getting an ink stain on your favourite leather suit. It is kind of difficult to get a blue biro stain off a leather suit but you could try and do a couple of things to try and get it off.

Firstly you could use hairspray. Spray the can of hairspray over the stain and see if it goes away. The stain wouldn't completely go away but it might leave a couple of light blue shades. These shades will be extremely light and most people wouldn't be able to see it.

Another way to get this stain off is by using alcohol. This is a sure shot way of getting the stain off for good over the suit. You could even use varnish or vinegar to clean off the stain but there is no surety that it won't cause any harm to the fabric. Varnish may even damage your suit.

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