I'm looking to replace my current dining table. Can anyone suggest dining furniture that looks modern but will not go out of fashion too quickly?


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As Kathryn said in her answer, the retro mid-century modern look is really big at the moment, and looks great in a modern setting. This gives you a wide range of buying options, too - from purchasing a modern "take" on a retro piece, a reproduction, or the real thing, from a vintage store or via eBay.

For example, the table below is an original vintage piece, but - in a contemporary setting - it looks really modern.


Reproductions or re-releases of classic design pieces are another good option for achieving a convincing version of retro style, but using brand new furniture. 

The picture below shows a dining room that looks really funky, and I love the way it combines modernist chairs with the Ercol bench and table, which are re-released classic designs from the company's back catalogue. 


You could even commission your own, totally-individual, table from a furniture-maker, which can be a lot cheaper than you might think, and would probably last forever. It would also reflect your own taste while allowing you complete control over the materials used, and the size and shape.

The detailing on this bespoke table (below) is really lovely, and distinctive - and the solid wood is so much nicer than veneered tables. (I also find solid wood table-tops much more user-friendly than the often-attractive ceramic, glass or metal versions, as those can feel really cold and hard, and make guests nervous about damaging them.) 


My preference would either be to commission a table, or to buy a vintage one, as those original tables have already stood the test of time, and tend to be better quality, too - in terms of their materials and construction.

Alternatively, you could opt for another very hip look, which is to combine old with new in terms of your dining table and chairs - so you could combine modern chairs with an old table, or vice versa (which would be my preference).

I absolutely love the dining table and chairs below, which show the best of Scandinavian design in the modern table combined with the wonderful Hans Wegner Wishbone chairs, which are icons of 20th Century furniture design.

(Source: Http://

I guess one of the best things to do, though - before you buy any kind of table - is to think carefully about how you want to use it. For example, round tables are great for making meal times more sociable, but can be a pain if you also want to use them for working, painting or sewing at - as things then keep falling off the rounded edges.

You can also get highly-flexible tables from some modern manufacturers, such as the Italian furniture design company, Calligaris, which allow you to choose the type of table-top (from various woods and metals to ceramic), and then to combine the tops with a set of legs of your choice. 

Calligaris' tables also come in multiple extending versions, and even include the table below, which converts from a dining to a coffee table - perfect if you're short of space! 



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Dining furniture is one of the most expressive items of furniture to buy. Beds have to be functional and comfortable. Sofas need to be practical and you have to choose the fillings and springing really carefully. Dining furniture, is just all about looking spectacular. Let's face it, a wallpaper-pasting table would provide the right functionality, but when you have people round to dinner, you want to really be able to put on a show for your guests.

Depending on the age of your home, I would be tempted to go for something not totally modern, but something that touches on the

1950's or 1960's. I love furniture by Ligne Roset, as beautiful as it is however, the price tag means that you wouldn't want to change your furniture very often - so this would be quite a commitment. Instead I found a supplier of funky contemporary furniture and found this lovely table which gives a great look that can be dressed up or down. I also love round tables, no legs to get in the way of squeezing extra guests around when they turn up unexpectedly. I think that's much easier than having an extending table, having had both.

I would dress this with some really bright funky orange placemats and other citrus colours. I found some perfect Orla Kiely ones in this gorgeous pattern.

You can even get away with this if you have an older period property, you just have to make sure that you have something mid-way between the two periods to tie the themes together, say an art deco clock or mirror.

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Get something You love, then you will not need to worry about fashion because you love it :-)
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That's a good point. I always love the most expensive thing going though so I have to shop wisely to get the look but not the price tag.
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If you love your table, then why not just refinish it using a different color stain and its a whole lot cheaper. I am doing a lot of refinishing of a lot of furniture for people for this very reason and its a whole lot cheaper too

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Don't replace for the sake of replacing? If it's alright stay with it.

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When you need to select the dinner furniture for your home, there are various things to be considered. Design and construction have a vital role in the right furniture. Whenever you look at any dining table online or at a land-based shop, you should think as if it would be comfortable or not when sitting for a longer duration.

1. Use the measuring tape: Choose the perfect size of furniture that suits best to your dining space. If your dining space is small and you have bought a heavy massy furniture, it would look less spacious and vice-versa.

2. Decide the shape of the dining table: Most common dining tables are of square or rectangular shape. There are also round and oval shaped tables available. Choose the one that matches your needs.

3. Pay attention to the table supports: Dining table comes with different supports including legs, pedestal, and trestle. It is the key to decide how many people can fit into it.

4. Choose the right material: Dining table are crafted with different materials including wood, glass, metal, plastic, and laminates etc. Choose a perfect one for you.

Bauhaus furniture is the best in my opinion because of its quality and affordability.

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A stylish cooking area with a dining table placed a few steps from the kitchen island is very common in the present times. However, the desire to spare less space and yet receive more utility has led the designers to develop more functional furniture for the open space kitchen of modern times.

A space saving dining table comes in different varieties. A sleek expandable table can be stretched out to seat four people. And, once used, it can be folded into a small drawer. A cabinet table has two broad legs which have racks and shelves. They don’t hinder the chairs’ resting area and can be used to store snacks and drinks as well.

A wall mounted leaf model is one of the most beautiful space saving dining table designs. It can be lifted when in use and dropped to align with the wall when not.

Many school desk dining, as well as coffee table models, have storage space beneath the foldable countertop which can be lifted up to store stuff in the box. It serves as a laptop or computer stand. If you pick a tall enough space saving dining tables, you can use chairs. Otherwise, the shorter ones can be used with floor mats.

The market offers table models with sliding drawers beneath them, movable tables with caster and wheels. Some models even use telescopic mechanisms so that you can extend their legs and convert them from a breakfast seating into a dining table. Space-saving kitchen cabinet cum tables are also handy for a two-in-one kitchen & dining area.

While wood and manufactured wood are the primary material you’ll see in the market for these models, there are also other options in style and design, like stainless steel, iron-based frames, metal finish, etc.
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