Which is more good-looking keeping as dining table at home between wooden table and hpl table?


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Liu Iris Profile
Liu Iris answered

I think wooden table is more traditional and hpl table is a little more fashionable and suitable for youth.I keep hpl table bought five years ago,durable good-looking and easy to clean.More selectable color and style for hpl table according what I know from Jialifu.What I wanna say yet is that wooden could be divided for many types too so that make your choice after field visit.

Hanna Whilson Profile
Hanna Whilson answered

It is difficult to make a choice. Both tables would look great. What style did you choose for your home decoration? In case you can't find a proper table, check This is a great store where you can buy furniture from the manufacturer at reasonable prices. At least, you can use it for ideas.

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