How Do I Get Blue Biro Out Of A Shirt?


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There are a number of recommended ways to remove blue biro ink out of shirts and other clothing items. The first way is by using hairspray. Hairspray can work on stubborn stains because of the alcohol content it contains.

If the blue biro ink is fresh then the most important thing to remember is not to wash it immediately. The first course of action is to apply the hairspray to the affected areas. Rub vigorously until the biro stain goes fuzzy. It should then be washed on the hottest wash the shirt will cope with (normally 40 degrees C, if the shirt is cotton). Try and use a stain removal product as well as normal washing powder and softener as this will help the process along a little quicker.

Another popular remedy is a product called Stardrops. Stardrops works on a variety of surfaces and can also remove stains from clothing. After washing with Stardrops or any other detergents, do not dry the item in the tumble drier. It is best to dry on the washing line in the sun, as the sun will assist in the removal of stains.

Other popular remedies for the removal of stains include applying strong clear alcohol, such as gin, to the affected area before washing, and simply hand washing the shirt after applying washing up liquid to the stain and rubbing. If the shirt is white then bleach may also work.

The most important thing to remember is if the shirt has already been washed then these processes will be a little more difficult, especially if the item has been tumble dried as well. This is because the stain is effectively washed in to the clothing in question and becomes a lot more difficult to remove.
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It is very easy to remove Blue Biro stanins out of any color of clothes especially white shirts. You would need some simple household items. First place a cotton pad under the stain. Take any brand of hairspray and spray some liquid onto the Biro stain. Rub it lightly with both hands and then wash immediately with a detergent. It works like magic.
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Wash it with tide with whites

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