How Do U Get Orange Soda Out Of Carpet?


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I swear by oxy everything!! It get blue juice out of car rugs
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I had a 6-year old help herself to an exremely sugary red-dye no #4 loaded orange drink and spilled about 12 oz on my very light cream colored carpet. After the initial shock and tears wore off, I did proceed to try EVERY suggestion online. NOTHING even faded it. I even took out my heavy duty carpet shampooer and again, no fading. (note, by this time I had poured carpet cleaner and scrubbed. I had poured hydrgen peroxide with water and scrubbed. I tried white vinegar) Then I read to emulsifiy it. The technical term intrigued me. I diluted the INSANE amount of stuff of the carpet already with water (it is now SOAKED) and took a white towel (so as not to put the color of the towel back into the carpet cause this emulsifiying stuff worked) and layed it over the carpet. The HOT HOT HOT iron was placed cautiously over and I began pressing down. It sizzled at first and after a couple seconds I removed it frightened. To my surprise in just a few seconds it was actually fading. I repeated the process for about 45 minutes. Each time I would make sure that the carpet was still nice and wet (the iron would dry it) by POURING carpet cleaner over a section. THIS REALLY WORKS! I would reccommend having your carpets steam cleaned afterward due to all the stuff in the carpet where the original stain was. If not, you will end up with a dark gray stain and thats just as bad.
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I would use one cap of OXI-Clean in warm water in your cleaning machine or you can put the same mix-up and use a bruch and elbow grease.

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