How Do I Remove Glue/solvent From An Acrylic Bath Without Damaging The Finish? It's Something That The Plumber Has Used And Accidentally 'Spilt' On The Bath.


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Stalwart answered
If it is the blue/purple pvc glue, you will need to get an acrylic tub repair man to cover it. That stuff stains permanently. If it is truly a glue or a dope, lighter fluid works without damaging the finish. There is also a product called "goof off" that works really well, and will not hurt the acrylic finish.
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This question is difficult to answer without knowing exactly what it is. Is it glue? If so, what type of glue? Or is it silicone or plumbers sealer? There is a product called GooGone that will break down certain glues if you let it sit on the glue long enough before scrubbing.It is found in most grocery stores in the cleaning supply isle and it is an oil base so it wouldn't damage the surface. You can get just about anything off of a porcelain or enamel surface but your acrylic as you know can be damaged by most solvents. You could try turpentine. I got tar off of my car with it without damaging my paint job.

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