How Do I Paint The Outside Of A Roll Top Bath And With What Product?


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I got you. Well, I have to say that you have set yourself a challenge. I think you need some skills before you can paint a bathtub. Can you send me a picture of your bathtub job? Maybe it's not that bad? If not, try contacting Bathtub Reglazing NYC. I've heard that these guys are very good at painting bathtubs with acrylic paint. I think they might be able to advise you or fix your problem.

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You may have realised that I love a roll top bath. Love love love them. I mean, I named this blog after them. The Americans call them 'clawfoot tubs' but Roses & Clawfoots just didn't have the same ring to it. I get asked all the time on Instagram if we painted our bath. We did. And how we did it. I wrote a bit about it on the last house update post and talked about painting our old rolltop in our last bathroom. But for now I thought I'd recap and make it a bit easier to find for everyone.

There are two main types of rolltop baths - those made from plastic and those made from cast iron. We've had experience with both. The cast iron baths are the 'real deal' if you like, and classic. They hold the heat in when you're sinking into your hot bath. However they're ridiculously heavy {getting our old bath up a flight of stairs nearly killed Ben, my Dad and his brother!} and they're more expensive. The inside of them is also likely to be enamel which can react to cleaning products and be a pain to maintain. Plastic baths tend to be a lot cheaper, are more lightweight and easy to move and easier to clean. If you paint them well - you can barely tell the difference once in a bathroom.

For our current bathroom we picked up this bath from eBay, it's from the Heritage range of  and is plastic rather than cast iron. It was white to start with but we knew we wanted to paint it a dark grey. 

to paint a bath tub you'll need to use a primer first. We use this one to coat everywhere that you want to paint. Once it's dry you can paint on your colour. Use eggshell paint. We needed two coats and used Farrow & Ball Eggshell paint in Plummett. You'll only need a small tin. 

To paint a cast iron bath: You shouldn't need to prime it, most baths come pre-primed so you should be able to use eggshell paint straight onto it. 

Don't layer it on too thickly and use a brush for best results.

You can decide if you want to paint the feet the same colour, a contrasting colour or leave them as they come. In our last bathroom we painted the bath and feet the same colour, in this one we've left them black for now as they came but I'm planning on painting them either white or the same grey as the bath. I don't think the black is quite right.

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Painting a bathtub is a complicated undertaking. I wanted to be inspired by your example and paint the tub the same way, but it didn't work out. I have no idea how I can fix it. What do you recommend? Should I throw the tub away?

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The outside paint must be like which can resist the weather influences. Distemper of a fine quality can serve in this respect. There are different types of ladders that are available for the purpose of safe roof painting. But it's better to have a professional for the accurate and bright strokes. So its beauty become enhanced

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