I Have Grey And White Marble Porcelain Floor And Gray Tub Bath And Sink I Painted The Upper Part Of The Wall White With A Light Gray Bottom Wall With A White Chair Rail I Am Looking For Curtains That Would Go Good With These Colors, Can You Help?


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Grey is neutral so most colors go with it. White, black, those work well of course.
Red, blue...that depends on what you want to do with it.
For a summer cottage look, try white, yellow or grey so that your windows blend with the wall.
If you want a muted tone, try ash blue. A blue with a hint of grey, for a beach-side look, or white.
Or if you want to contrast, then use stronger color, try black, deep navy or a duller nautical blue, or red. Nautical colors work very well with grey. Just think of the beach! Or for more modern, use black.

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