What Are The Best Colors To Complement Gray Tile Floor?


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Given that gray is a relatively neutral color then you should expect for it to go well with any other color. However, there are several colors for the remainder of the room you are decorating that could complement each other very well indeed.

The colors you choose to complement your floors are very much reflective of what sort of style you want. If you are looking to create a modernistic and simplistic look, then you could create a great combination with black and white.

You could also splash out some more vibrant colors to give the décor a stronger sense of vibrancy. A coat of striking red paint on the surrounding walls would give the rooms a strong appearance.

Likewise, you could use a collection of blues to really complement the gray color. Sky blues and other pastel colors would create a comfortable and well-mixed appearance, but you could always step it up a level and use bolder blues and navy blues.

Deviating away from the primary and monochrome colors, you could get experimental with some more abstract tones and shades. Burgundy or green furniture and décor would give the room a beautiful blend of colors.

You could also get a mauve color; which resides in the color range of lilac or lavender. This would complement the gray colors greatly and give the entire room a great blend of tones and shades.

As stated earlier, gray is quite neutral and should really go with most other colors. However, it is down to your own personal discretion as to what colors you use alongside it. Once you have decided what sort of vibe you want the room to have, you can begin choosing the ideal colors for the job.
BEN GREGO answered
Gray goes best with what are called the 'cool', gray does NOT go 'with anything' is a cool neutral so should always be used with the cool colors...blues/reds/blacks/white, etc.....if you use a warm color with gray, it will look muddy  & 'off'...My first choice would be a nice, clear blue, light to medium blue...that would really go well together!!
When you are deciding, get yourself some white posterboard and paint samples from the store...choose at least 3 shades of the blue you like (not that I'm influencing you or anything, haha!) and cut the posterboard  in 3 pieces, then paint them each with one shade of blue..
Then, put all 3 of them on a wall that gets the most light.....and leave it there for at least 3 days!!
You want to see how the light, all day and evening long, affects the colors you are considering...remember, the color you see on a paint sample, or in the can itself, is always DARKER than what you'll get when you paint!
I know this sounds like a lot to do, but it's better than picking a color, grabbing the can and painting your may be in for a rude shock...but with some planning, & a little time, you're sure to get the exact color and look you want for your walls!!!
Have fun...please contact me if you have any questions or comments!! I am glad to help!!
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I would go with a chocolate brown and a pale bluish gray.
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White or lavender are nice colors to go with grey or a very light pink or a peach color hope this helps
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Navy Blue, Reds, Burgundy, of Course Black and White.  Depending if you are wanting to stay more modern.  Good Luck.
I suggest burgundy, navy blue & hunter green for the walls, a lighter shade of navy blue but not as light as a sky blue.♥
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Blues are always a sure thing with grey
If you are willing to make a bold modern statement
I would go with navy blue :-)
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Grey being neutral will go with any colour (I refuse to use American spelling for colour), the primaries can make a startling statement
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I think blue goes beautiful with grey. A nice blue grey mix will go beautiful with the tiles. You can always use black towels for the third colour. You bathroom will look rich and beautiful.
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We have a marble fireplace in our bedroom that is a nice shade of gray and the interior decorator did the rest of the room is a nice light mauve color.  I get the most compliments on our bedroom and bathroom, marble also then anywhere else in the house.
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I think a green or blue or a pink would look good. Maybe a marble swirl like color. Practically everything goes good with grey as it is a nuetral color. First think about the color of the walls, and then the toilet, usually both of those are white, and then again white is a nuetral color too, and every color goes great with white, so then you got to ask yourself, well what color do I want in here for  a long time, probably your favorite color will do best. I hope this helps.
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It depends whether you want to go 'uber' modern or more traditional. If you want the modern mono-chrome look then you can't beat black and white. If you want a more colourful pallet, one striking wall of vibrant red will make a bold statement. However, if you want more pastel colours, pale lavender or rose blush.
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I would say all colors go with gray because it is a neutral color...
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Green goes very well with both the oak and the gray tile floor. If you can use a nice sagey green like BM Pale Sea Mist or Fernwood green, both have a base of gray and would look fabulous !

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Gray is a neutral color so any color would match. I think a pale pink would raise the emotional impact somewhat or a loud pink would also do the same but with more oomph.

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