What Colors Are Complementary To Charcoal Gray?


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At the moment, charcoal gray is really popular in the world of interior decorating. It’s edgier and more modern than a neutral cream or beige, and you can pair it with just about anything.

What Colors Compliment Charcoal Gray?
Whites and bold colors, mainly. It’s best not to paint all of your walls in charcoal gray, but if you balance it with white – with maybe one accent wall in charcoal gray – it’ll look fantastic.

You’ll want to accessorize with warm or bright colors, as charcoal gray can be quite cool and dark by itself. Here are some popular accent colors that really complement charcoal gray:

  • A strong purple or plum color – preferably a warm, pinkish one (as pictured)
  • Hot pink
  • Bright gold
  • Lime green
  • Turquoise blue
  • Cherry red
  • Bold orange
As you can see, you’ve got a lot of choice! Just remember, you don’t want to use charcoal gray on every wall, or it will make your room look smaller. It can also be quite oppressive if you overdo it!

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