I Have A Chocolate Couch. What Color Paint On The Wall Should Be Good With It?


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A chocolate couch you say ?
well if it was me and I have been known by a lot of people for my colour sense. I would paint the wall in 2 halves one half in a stone colour and the other in a magnolia colour or paint 2 walls different colours like for example,
one wall facing the other a cream colour and the other 2 walls that face each other a stoney kind of brown or chocolate brown also
I also agree on the  light almost sky blue throw pillows on the couch or something would also give a nice touch.
hope that helped:)
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I have actually read all the posts in this thread. It was posted three years ago, but poeple are reading this, and it is clear that help is need to match colours. First you need to know a few basics things about colours:

1. The most common colour configurations in home decor consist of either complementing harmonies or contrasting harmonies.
2. Colours are graded according to its hue and saturation levels to determine wether it is a warmer or cooler colour. Decorators love the idea of playing with warmer colours in winter, and then change to cooler colours in winter.
3. A colour might match perfectly and you can still not like it. So, choose a colour that works for both you and your decor.

Ok, here we go... I will refer to the colour names as listed in the wikipedia colour list:
Tiggersmom commented that Mocha is a good colour to go with, combined with shades of cream. Excellent, safe choice. Mocha on the walls create a warmer atmosphere to the room (it's a warm, complementary colour for a dark brown base colour). Cream is a high contrast, cooler colour, and also a compliment harmony for Mocha. It might be a little monochromatic for the individual who is looking for the wow!

Rungirlrun suggests earthy green and lighter blues. Both great colour choices if you aim to create a cooler atmosphere. Be carefull when you move out of the monochromatic harmonies. Green and blue can have millions of shades and tones which will not macth. I suggest "Olive drab" or "Sea Green" as cooler green complements for chocolate brown. For blue I recommend "Columbia Blue" or "Baby Blue", Both are cooler, high contrast colours.

I appreciate Marty's suggestion. I would do the same. There is a risk in trying to match the wall colour to the exact colour of your couch. If you don't get it 100% correct people will notice your failed attempt.  If you want to go with a dark and warm complementary colour that will match the couch I would suggest "Camel". For a high contrast warm colour I recommend "Burgundy",  "Burnt Orange / Sinopia".

I can picture Sunnyd's idea. I like it. Combining the warm mocha with the cooler Magnolia. If Magnolia is too "White" for your taste you can replace it with "Beige" or "Pearl" (slightly warmer).

PB4813 mentioned Caramel. I would be very careful. PB4813 also mentioned that they have a deep wine colour couch. Caramel will work for that configuration, but the red tones in Caramel will be accentuated against the dark chocolate couch and look a bit off. If  this is what you are looking for I also recommend  that you compare the warm compliments of "Copper" and "Dark Corral".

Paintgirl1 wants to try a Warm Grey. You get two types of Grey. Achromatic greys have no hue, and I recommend staying away from these (when you add black paint to white paint until you get the desired grey). If you want to go grey I recommend Chromatic greys that contain hue. For the chocolate brown couch I recommend "Xanadu" or "Taupe"  for a dark warm atmosphere.

Some other colours not mentioned in this thread that will go well with Chocolate brown couches:

Complimentary / Cool:
"Duke Blue" - A very deep, dark blue.

Contrast / Warm:
"Old Gold" - I know it might be "bling", but gold still looks great with a dark chocolate couch.

Contrast / Cool:
Violet tones like "Lavender blush", "Mauve", "Thistle", and "Whisteria". I love "Whisteria", It will look great with dark brown if you are looking for a violet / purple tone.

I hope this helped a bit to answer a few colour questions about the chocolate couch.
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I would think that a cream color, or a light mocha would compliment the chocolate color that you have, and if you have other furniture that is like the couch, I think it would add more compliments, especially if you mix the cream or mocha into your decor. Hope this helps.
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Yes, with the chocolate couch, I would go with earthy greens, and lighter blues. I think that would be nice.
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I don't know if this will even help you or not!? But I seen a commercial(not remembering what for, of course) that had a bedroom ensemble that was chocolate and a medium to light blue colour for accents, such as throw pillows, pictures. Hope this helps.(maybe you too will now see the commercial)
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You should paint three walls in a magnolia cream and the last wall leave your most central wall like your fireplace wall and paint that chocolate/mocha colour then buy a few pictures in brown/red or brown/blue and maybe some long twings from outside tied toghether and buy a long floor standing vase in similar colours good luck be creative
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I would recommend choosing a fabric window dressing like curtains or roman blinds. Select something that has a variety of colours in its palette including the chocolate brown of the couch. Typically this might include sky blue, pale stone grey, soft olive greens and tints of lime green, and cream. This will give you a guide for the rest of the room and avoid selecting a narrow colour palette which can make rooms feel like a corporate branded office.

From here, you can then choose a signature colour for the wall. This is your choice and depends entirely on your taste. If the room is small, I recommend one of the paler shades, if it's large, then you can go darker. The rest of the room can then be peppered with accents from this colour palette - I.e. Mint coloured vases, pale blue Walls, and contrasting cushions and pictures/frames.

I recommend Laura Ashley for the fabrics although these can be expensive - similar brands exist. If you want to buy ready made blinds and curtains the range is obviously limited. If you choose a local fabric store they may be able to recommend someone to make it for you, or to save money try for an easy to follow photographic tutorial. You then have a technique to follow for every room.
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Something in that family color scheme. Like shades above the color of your couch. Caramel colors. Even a deep burgundy. Bump it up in color so the couch will not blend in with the wall. Lowes has awesome color swatches to take home and look at your rooms before deciding. Also, my hubby works at valspar and there paint is awesome! Happy painting :) couch is deep wine color and with our scheme we added a deep aqua color and I got a lot of cool furniture and decorations at target to blend the colors all together. I've received a lot of compliments.
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I have the same dilemma I have a chocolate brown couch with gold trim around. I also have black furniture to go with.. I would like to paint in earthy tones. The problem is the living room looks into the kitchen and it is an oak color with bright orange tile. What colors should I paint the two rooms so they don't clash.
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I would use a antique white or a pale tan color, it would offset the couch and still blend with other items.
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Well I say a light Grey color wall? Mix it up on the furn? Thats what I'm doing.... I hope all turns out well. Lol
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I have a little lighter than Moss colored walls and I'm thinking a chocolate couch would look good in here. So I'm kinda in the opposite situation you are. I need a couch. But hopefully that helps a little.
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I have burgandy leather furniture, the walls are cream color and silver grey carpet
I would like to introduce chocolate brown in there would that look good as an accent wall around my fireplace
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I have a dark chocolate brown chocolate brown leather sofa and accent chairs to put in our family room. We are toying with a warm gray to accent the brown. Is this a complimentary, yet,  contemporary color?
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I have a chocolate brown chair and I painted the bottom half of the wall a deep 'mountain ridge' colour, its like a purple/grey/pink colour and the top half a lighter shade of that - almost a subdued pink.  It looks amazing!

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