I Have A Black Cloth Couch. What Color Paint Would Go With It?


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Color combination is the most important things while you are decorating your house. If you choose the right combination or contrast, you simply increase the beauty of your house ten folds. However, most of the people experience this problem of mixing and matching when they are doing their homes.

Black normally goes with all the colors. However, all kinds of neutral shades go with it like skin, beige, light brown etc. However, if you really want to add some color to your living room and make it look bright and lively, I would suggest  you go for the color red. Keep the rest of the walls plain. And paint the wall at the back of the couch with deep red paint. It would brighten your living room and the couch will stand out.
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I would paint the walls a nice rich red if the room is big, but if the room is small I would go with a rich tan and red accents.
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Wow, you can do any color in the rainbow!   Look around your house and see what colors are repeated the most.  Then your whole place will flow together.  Have fun.....I bet it will look beautiful!

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