I Have A Green Couch What Color Paint On The Wall Whould Look Good With It?


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A green couch can present quite a challenge when deciding what colour to paint the walls. However, it is a good idea to use a favourite piece of furniture as a starting point when designing a room layout and decor.

Spend some time looking at room sets in magazines and on TV. Take a photograph of your green couch and take a print of it around the shops or have it near the computer when you look on the internet for ideas for colour schemes.

Choosing the best colour for painting the walls depends on what shade of green it is. A pale green could be complimented by cream or off-white walls; while a vivid shade such as lime green would be highlighted by an accent colour on the walls such as deep blue. It may be that the wall behind where the couch is to be positioned is the perfect place for creating such a striking effect.

Alternatively, the green couch could be the starting point for paint shades in autumn colours such as gold, brown and yellow. This could create a mellow mood all year round.

It is now possible to have any shade of paint you can dream up. Collect shade cards from decorating suppliers and hold them against your couch at different times of the day and in different lights. If they are still not quite what you want you can arrange to have one or two shades mixed together. This can be done in the DIY store using a mixing machine. If you take this route be sure to get plenty of paint to do the job in case there is a slight difference in shade if further mixing has to be done.
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Joe,  I have a really nicely decorated home  and most people just love the colors I use.    Well heres my trick and I pass it on to you.    Just go to any fabric center and buy two yards of a great fabric that has the color green you need to match in the couch in it .  Maybe a nice floral or stripe pattern .    Now everything else including the paint colors should be taken from that color palet,    florals work great  if the background is cream color,  then thats the color of the walls  perhaps an accent color on ONE wall in a green      when I'm done I cover a pillow or two with the fabric,      it works well.      Good luck
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I do about the same thing as diesel :) I use/find colors I like and enjoy and mix and match them with each other until the one combonation stands out. Just recently I painted a room with a rich chocolate brown but couldn't think of a carpet to go with, sooo I took with me a paint card and laid it on all the color carpets at the store, I settled on the greenny sage color. People didn't think the colors will go, but when they saw the room they loved it.
Does your couch have a small pillow or an extra cloth fabric? bring that to the paint store or collect a bunch of those paint cards and put them on the couch until one grabs you.
Good luck to you.
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A golden yellow would look pretty as a backdrop for a sage green couch. Add some pillows, or a center rug with Chocolate brown, gold and sage in it. A really nice golden yellow is" Delightful Daffodil" by Fresh-Aire paints, available at Home Depot. A pale soft Mystic Blue also goes with sage greens, or you can always play it safe and paint your walls an off white and add punches of color with your accessories. Green is a color found in nature, so go for a nature walk and you will get lot's of ideas. Hope this helps someone.
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I have a similar question. My couch is sage green, but the floors are a pinky-peachy  color & I have to match the walls. Its very challenging so far I think I'm going to use Believable Buff by Shermin Williams for now & maybe a brownish color on the staircase wall.
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I have an olive green couch, a tan ish carpet and medium oak color trim around the windows, what do you recommend for a paint color for the walls?
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I have a green couch and love seat and I painted one wall red which is my accent wall, and the other walls a taupe.  I then bought fabric the same red colour as the accent wall.  It looks great!
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If you go to most paint manufacturer's web-site like Bear, Sherwin Williams and the others they have a interactive application that will let you get an idea of what a room similar to what you are painting will look like. It isn't perfect but it is pretty good to get an idea!
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When you have a spring color such as light green, you can choose any spring color to complement it. You can even use a darker green and white decals to make the room look fresh and inviting. You can also use colors that are in harmony with green like shades of yellow or blue.
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I think any shade of green would go with it but stay away from neon. also if its a darker colored couch then tan and brown could go with it. also pink is really pretty with green but in this case it mite look tacky. you could do a camo theme. black or white...
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Just about any color, yellow, red, blue just about whatever you like! Green goes pretty good with everything, just look outside!
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Sage is such a nice color to work with. Brown is often the first choice to pair it with, but I also like terracotta (rusty shades ) and lemon yellow.
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There are approximately 500 shades of "green" in the world. Get some paint swatches and hold them next to the couch to see which one looks best. There's mint green, grass green, kelly green, bottle green, sea green, light green, dark green .... You get the picture. (no pun intended)
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I think painting your walls in a light chocolate or mocha would blend in well with your mauve carpet and green sofa.
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I have red mahogany flooring in my living room,dark oak chair rail and trim,deep gold walls,tan micro suede sofa and love seat..what color of rug and curtains should I use to make the room pop?
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I have some sage colored stuff and my walls are kinde of a taupe color and it looks good. And some of the other furniture is medium brown.
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I think pale green looks great with ivory. Sometimes have one wall texured with a color a little darker than your couch for an accent wall.
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Have lime cupboards what colour should be my blinds,fridge,washing machine and dining table
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Lime colours go with a dark brown colour. ALthough I would only paint one wall. If you have dark wood furniture that would look good too. If you had a added a few flecks of orange and lime in the room ie. Pillows, curtains and vases etc.
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I would use natural or neutrals colours, like soft brown or beige's. I have a brownish beige couch and soft green walls. The colour combination is beautiful, I get complicated all the time.
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I love lime green and I am actually decorating with that color right now. I saw a few web sites dedicated to decorating with lime green and the most common color I see paired with lime green is white. Certain shades of beige look good too. I would check under lime green sofa on the web, or decorating with lime green and you ll see lots of pics.

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