What Color Should I Paint My Room If My Sofa Is Gold?


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OH ! I love gold, anything gold! It's just such a pretty color!!! But you can try using this deisnger: Click on the living room option and change up the couch color to match yours and then change up the wall colors. Its free and its super easy to use. I personally LOVE red (a deep terracotta red) color. The terracota is a great mix with any orange, reds etc. Because it isn't as loud as a bright red or deep wine color. You know? Well anyway, play with some colors and see what you like! :) That's the link. I hope it helps you with your decision! If all else fails go with a red color, maybe plum? That would look real modern! :)
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There are a lot of colours and shades that can compliment Gold .  You should also consider what colours you will be having for occassional and soft furnishings .  I would steer away from red, because , although its warm, you do not want your room to look like a restaurant .!! ..  I would go with a soft powder blue for the walls and different shades of blue and some green for accessories .  Hope this helps .
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I think you should paint it spring green.
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Maybe that color wall could be "brown".
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I think the color green looks fabulous with gold I have gold throws and green cushions

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