What color should I paint my living room if I have black furniture?


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Stewart Pinkerton Profile
Cream is a safe choice, black and cream is a classic sophisticated colour combination.
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Kira Smart answered

I have absolutely same issue. I just move to a new house and would like to
change up the paint colour.  The current darker green kind of works but
It’s just not my style. The house has dark brown oak floors and dark elm
wood work around the fireplace. Just want to paint walls light colours add some decals on walls ( ). Keep you posted on how it works out.

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carlos Striker answered

Lemonish beige. Mate at the end of the day go ahead with what ya fancy our opinion is not the ultimate thing.

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Heather John answered
Black furniture can always be draped with a jewel tone throw blanket or made more interesting with a few cream colored pillows. What's most important to you? Do you have accessories to brighten up a blank wall? If you have a busy-looking collection of wall art, you might choose a light coffee color for the walls. You can also try a muted rose color. Do you want a warm tone or a cool tone to your living room? Do you like reds or do you prefer blue? Check out a color wheel to decide. Remember you can also choose wall decals in silver or paint stripes.

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