What Color Should I Paint My Room With Green Carpet?


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I don't know the shade of green carpet you have, but it's a good bet to paint your walls a cream color. It will match anything you choose in your furniture colors. You can also use a ighter shade of your carpet color. Bring it to the paint store & they can recommend something in the correct tone. Custom colors are very easy these days. And most stores don't even carry ready made colors anymore anyway.
I have green carpet in my basement, and the walls are painted a deep shade of green there. But that may be too dark for a living area. A masculine color to me, would be using a gray on the walls. But it depends on your furniture color also. You didn't say what room you were talking about either, but if it's a bedroom, you could use a shade of purple & that would look great. Wish I could help you more, but I'd need more information to go on. Good luck.
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I think you should go with minty green and white color. These two will go
great together and gives an appealing, sophisticated and chic look to
the room. Moreover, you can also have matching decorative accessories to
compliment the the wall colors.

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