I Have Forest Green Carpet On My Bedroom. What Color Should I Paint The Room?


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Cream colored walls will go with your green carpet. Also try another shade of green to accent your already green carpet. This will keep all in the same green family . Use a cream or white semi gloss paint for your trim work etc.A sencil of pink flowers or any color even a little black will set this room off nicely. The stencil is optional. Good luck :D
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I think it depends on the shade of green. If your carpet is really a dark shade of green, then a light or soft tone is the one best to match. You can try using white paint and add a few drops of green to achieve a very light green. Painting your walls beige is also good. Plus you can make it better when you have a semi-white trim. But don't forget that the colour should also match your furniture like for example your Knightsbridge bedroom furniture or any solid pine furniture.

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