How Do You Create A Mystical Forest Bedroom?


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Evelyn Vaz answered
In order to create a mystical forest bedroom you will definitely require the right kind of wood furniture as well as the right paint colours. When one talks about a magical forest it involves vibrant green colours, a little tinge of attractive colours like purple, yellow, red purple, pink etc. by wood furniture I mean the type that gives a feel of the bark of trees as well as the quality.

The walls of the bedroom could be given a get up with these colours and the bed dressing table and cupboard been given the bark wood feel. I would also suggest making the entrance to the bedroom as something that is cavy, something like in the movie lord of the rings part two, when they enter the forest area of walking and talking trees. It would be essential to hire a designer you will definitely give you the right feel.
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Laura Myers , Blogger, answered

Having a mystical forest bedroom is something I love and would personally recommend going all out with your creative mind. Even though you got solid pine furniture, it will require carefully chosen furniture and even wood floors to complete the mystical look. Painting the walls with alluring colours that give off magical vibe is a top priority.

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