How To Hang Bathroom Cabinet Measurements?


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In order to hang bathroom cabinet in your bathroom you should follow these simple steps. You must position the cabinet close to the bathroom wall in the place where you want it to hang. Now put the level on top and then level the cabinet. Next you must open the door and then drill through the hanging holes and into the wall. Before drilling you should always make it a point that there are no electrical fixings or pipes at the back of the wall with the help of a mini metal detector.

Now you should suspend the cabinet and then thrust fixings in each of the holes. You should then use a hammer in order to hammer them. Next you should put the cabinet back and then fix the screws. There are different fixings for wood, plaster and masonry. Ensure that you use the ones that properly match your wall type.

If your wall has character then you need to level the cabinet from back to front. In order to do this, you need to loosen the screws at either the top or bottom of the cabinet. Now place the pre-cut wedges behind the cabinet until it is completely vertical.
Lastly you should tighten the screws and remove the wedges.

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