How Do You Fix Kitchen Wall Cabinets To The Walls?


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Fixing a kitchen wall unit is an easy job. You could buy a readymade unit and then try to fix it on your own. You also need to get about 15 ½ inch screws. Make sure these screws are fat and strong.

Place the kitchen cabinet on the exact location where it has to be installed. You could use a jack or a stool to keep the cabinet in place. Drill holes on the top of the cabinet on to the walls. Make sure these holes are deep because the screws that you will place in them are going to be long and fat.

Then once the screws at the top part of the cabinet are fixed you need to drill at the sides and make sure you fix the screws in them properly. Then once the screws on the sides are fixed you could screw the bottom. This is not necessary but just to be on the safer side you could push one screw in. Then the final step is to hold the cabinet and hang from it. If the cabinet can hold your body weight then it is good enough to hold all the things that you intend to place in them.

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