How do you paint the kitchen cabinets that are varnished already?


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1. Cover all of the surfaces that you do not want to get paint on. This includes countertops, appliances, walls, trim, backsplashes and floors.

2. Remove the cabinet doors. In addition to removing the cabinet doors from the cabinet bases, you will also need to remove all of the hinges, handles and pulls before painting cabinets. Set all hardware and screws to the side in a safe place. You may want to label your hardware, as necessary if you have varying door sizes and hardware types.

3. Fill any surface dents, holes and dings. Use a spackling knife to press either spackling compound or wood putty into any imperfections you wish to paint over, then allow the product to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions.

4. Prepare the cupboard surfaces for painting. Before you paint varnished cupboards, you must remove the high-gloss finish. You may do this either of 2 ways:

  • Take an orbital sander to cabinet surfaces you plan on painting, and sand them down until they are no longer shiny. Wipe the dust off with a tack cloth.
  • Clean the cabinet surfaces with TSP (or a TSP substitute) � a heavy-duty cleaner that can be found in any home improvement store, which removes thick layers of grease, dirt, and grime. Repeat the TSP cleaning process until the cabinet finish is dull, then wipe the surfaces down with water to remove any remaining traces of TSP.
5. Prime the cupboards. Before painting cabinets, you need to prime them to ensure the paint sticks.

  • Use any stain blocking and sealing primer that you purchase from a home improvement store.
  • Choose a color as close to your paint color as possible.
  • Apply the primer with a roller on long, wide surfaces, and with a brush for the areas that can't be covered with a roller.
  • Allow the primer to dry according to manufacturer's instructions.
  • Paint a second coat before painting cabinets if the first primer coat didn't fully cover the cabinet surfaces.
6. Paint cabinets. Use a roller and/or a brush as
necessary, being sure to apply the paint in long, smooth strokes. Allow
the paint to dry in between coats, and repeat the process until you are
satisfied with the coverage.
(Source: Wiki How)

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