How To Do You Take Wallpaper Off The Walls?


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This is what I do: First I pull off what paper I can. Then I get a paint scraper and make diagonal X's, or in other words, I score the paper. This creates slash marks and holes in the paper. I have a plastic spray bottle of warm water and I spray over an area and immediately scrape off the wallpaper. You will want to put an old towel down at the bottom of the wall to collect water that rolls down the wall.
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Wall paper only needs to be soaked in water for sometime before it can be easily pealed off. Either a rag which has been soaked in water can be rubbed over the surface of the wallpaper or a squirt gun can be used. These are similar to those seen in barber shops that hold water and can be sprayed from the nozzle. The liquid used has to be nine parts water and one part detergent. The best type is dishwashing liquid. The other tools you will need are a putty knife to scrape the wallpaper off and a steam iron. The steam iron can be used to steam the areas where the wallpaper behaves resilient. This is probably in those places where the glue was applied generously. The entire procedure is very messy and adequate precautions should be taken.
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I have had good luck with using liquid fabric softener. I mix it in a bucket with hot water. It is just something that takes time.
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Pull off what you can then get some soapy water so it can get soggy so it will be easy to scrap off with a paint scraper.
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Don't waste time trying anything but fabric softner and water.    Bought cheap fabric softner at walmart--  pour in an inch in spray bottle (16oz) mix in water..... Presto...

This was to remove the glue that stayed on the walls.  Just spray ahead... Let sit,   spray again, let sit...  Start scraping
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Use a wallpaper scorer to make small holes in the old wallpaper. Next, soak the wallpaper with water. The holes will make sure the wallpaper is fully soaked in and out. Start stripping off the wallpaper.

This may sound easy but if this is the first time, you might end up with a bad result.

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Spray foam will do a lot to help retain heat/cooling the interior, but as a soundproofing agent, it is only so-so.

Contrary to other answers, the properties of spray foam are not designed to stop sound . They will mitigate sound transfer to a point, but mostly higher frequencies.

Low frequencies will still penetrate into adjoining space.

To truly soundproof a room, it requires structural alterations beyond the affordability of most people, going into the thousands of dollars, even over ten grand to twenty grand, depending upon the size of the room.

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Talk to the local home shopper store where you might get a steamer to remove the wall paper, that would be your best bet. You need the steamer and a scraper I believe. Good luck.
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Splatter poo on it the poo makes it soggy and brakes down the paper then just scrape it off
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One way to remove wallpaper is to hire a steam machine from a plant hire company or DIY centre. These soften up the paper and adhesive by firing jets of steam. However, they can be cumbersome, heavy and awkward to use, so ensure you will be able to handle a steamer before hiring. They also work best in larger rooms and with washable wall paper. It may prove a tad expensive to hire if you only wish to strip a bathroom or stairwell for example as hires are normally for full or half days rather than by the hour.

Alternatively, stick with the traditional method of warm water and a wide bristly brush. Soak the wall paper well and allow to be absorbed for a minute or two and it should come off no problem with a scraper. Apply more water if the paper is proving to be stubborn. Apply the water generously but stop short of flooding the room!

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