How Do You Repair Drywall Damage From Wallpaper?


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Sounds like some of the top layer of drywall came off during your wallpaper removal.
You can apply joint compound with a drywall tape knife or putty knife, depending on how large the areas are. Smooth the compound over the surface making sure to apply it out past the damaged areas. Let it dry for at least 24 hours. Then use a sanding sponge or drywall sanding tool to lightly sand and smooth the edges, blending it into the existing undamaged drywall.
It would be wise to use a primer paint on the areas before applying the joint compound.
The only other advice I could give, is to prime the spots first. Let them dry. Then you could use a texture paint if the imperfections are not too deep.
You would end up with a textured wall, but it should hide the imperfections unless they are deep.
If the areas are deep into the drywall, it is best to use the joint compound to repair them.
Not sure if you know that there is a difference between joint compound and spackle. Spackle works best for filling small holes and is not as workable as the compound is.
Home depot carries a good brand of ready mixed called Sheetrock all purpose joint compound. They also sell texture paint. Hope this helps.
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The paper is from the manuf. Process 1) take 220 grit dry wall (DW) sand paper looks like window screen poles can be attached to sander for high spots. Prime with a primer like (zinzer) brand name let dry, high humidity it will take longer to dry, dry to touch.2)rescind lightly with 220.3) light weight joint compound diluted with water 5 cups joint compound to 1 cup water sponge it on in circular motion NOT TO THICK. 3) let dry lightly sand with 120 grit sand paper for (DW).Repeat as necessary. 4) primer sometimes will take 2 additional coat so your patching wont bleed through. This is the result of not sizing wall which is wall paper terminology for priming wall prior to applying wall paper. consider your time most of the time my clients opt for total removal and this is due to faster completion of remodeling

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