How Do You Texture Drywall?


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There are three main types of textures which can be used to texture drywall. They are the popcorn texture, which is the heaviest type of textures and is often used on ceilings, the knockdown or skiptrowel type of texture, which resembles a Spanish-style stucco and the splatter or orangepeel type of texture, which vary from a series of small blobs of splatter to an overall fine spray of splatter, which resembles the texture of the peel of an orange.

To apply drywall to ceilings and other large areas on a wall, most people rent a drywall spray rig which is a small air compressor which is combined with a drywall hopper. These are available in the readymade form and can be mixed using a mixing paddle and a large half-inch-long drill. Another alternative method of texturing drywall is to apply most of the textures using a roller. Rollers are most effective for applying heavy textures such as the popcorn texture to the drywall.
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1. Clean surface thoroughly. Make sure no dust remains.
2. To ensure a proper adhesion apply a latex bonder .
3. Wait a couple of hours and then apply a thin base coat.
4. Apply a pre-mixed sand finish.
6. Texture with a damp sponge.

Bonder, Base Coat, Premix Sand Finish are available at most home improvement stores.
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There are various manners. An example would be one called skip-troweling. This is where the drywall putty or mixture is place on a trowel and then roughly wiped across the wall to give it the appearance of texture without smoothing the plaster or putty on the wall.

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