How To Get Rid Of Cat Pee Smell?


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There are several cleaners to remove stains and odors, but everyone who owns a pet know they don't always work. Genesis 950 works with water to get into the stain. When absorbed by the stain, the mixture of Genesis 950 and water actually works to alter the stain's composition and break the structural bond of the stain. Once the bond is broken, the stain can be lifted and removed. Only by breaking the bond of the stain will you remove both the actual stain and the smell. If you do not do this, you are just masking it. Genesis 950 will break the bonds of stains and remove both the stain AND the odor. In addition, Genesis 950 is a deodorizer. It also acts as an anti-bacterial cleaner and will kill any germs or bacteria associated with the stain. But the best part is that Genesis 950 does not have the harsh toxins or chemicals that other household cleaners have. There is no bleach, acid, alcohol or ammonia, so it won't harm your carpet, your pet . . . Or the environment.
CAT OWNERS: Cat's urinate instinctively in the same spot where they smell urine. If your cat is peeing on the carpet, the furniture or clothes, the chances of it continuing are very strong unless you actually completely remove any trace of previous urine. The best way to get your cat going in the litter box is by fully removing the stain and odor. There are several cleaners that claim to do this, however you are very fortunate if they work. Enzymatic cleaners are live feeding cleaners and tend to wear themselves out before they get to the heart of the stain. Anything that contains ammonia or vinegar is a MAJOR no-no for cat owners. The Humane Society even recognizes and advises against using these to remove cat urine. The reason for this is because they contain elements found in cat urine. If you use these items to clean cat urine, and they have the same elements in cat urine, you are only reinforcing your cat to urinate in the spot where you “cleaned” with it.
The next time you have this issue, first clean the urine with a paper towel and nothing else. Take that paper towel and place it in the cat's liter box. This will redirect the cat where the odor belongs. Next you have to fully remove the stain and the odor. This can be done with Genesis 950 as follows:
1. Clean stained area (furniture, carpet or rug) of any loose debris.
2. In a bucket, mix 1 part Genesis 950 to 7 parts warm water
3. Using a sponge, absorb the mixture of Genesis 950 and water
4. Squeeze excess mixture out of the sponge
5. With the sponge, wipe down any stained or dirtied area of the furniture, carpet or rug - do not wipe in a scrubbing manner, just gently wipe and let moisture from sponge absorb into the stain
6. Let the area you have wiped absorb the mixture - Genesis 950 is designed to work with water to soak into the stain and break the bonds of the stain, which then lift the stain from the surface. This is what will remove the stain and the smell.
7. After about 2 minutes the stain will be loosened and can be lifted from the surface
8. Empty your bucket and fill with straight water once you have cleaned all the dirty spots on your furniture, carpet or rug
9. Use a sponge with straight water to wipe off the cleaned areas
10. Allow furniture, carpet or rug to dry.
For larger stains, and a more professional look, clean your entire carpet using Genesis 950 in any steam cleaner. Use the amount recommended by the steam cleaner manufacturer as you would any other cleaner they suggest. Steam cleaning carpeting with Genesis 950 will make your entire carpet look and smell professionally cleaned. As the mixture of water and Genesis 950 are absorbed by the carpet, any stains, dirt or grime will be loosened. Germs and bacteria will be destroyed. Your carpet will be completely deodorized. After cleaning the carpet using a steam cleaner and Genesis 950, be sure to go over the area a second time with straight water. When you do this, you will see all the dirt and grim that the previously applied Genesis 950 loosened from the carpet.
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Cat urine or almost any urine for that matter there are three major parts namely urea- which the sticky tacky part, the second is urochrome- which is the pigment part as well as the uric acid salts and crystals. There are a lot of products that will work well on the 1st two parts and will remove the stains and the odour, but unfortunately the odour will not go and the crystals will dry and become dormant.

When it rains or gets hot the odour returns. It therefore will take a very special product to get rid of the urine stench completely. Try looking at the following site Most cat owners with this problem like this site.

For a quick fix try applying vinegar, this will repel any cat and will also help prevent the cat from peeing in the same place. If this does not work some owners suggest you use mouth wash.
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Thank you for the advice on vinegar.  I will try it.  I do not have cats and object to my garden smelling and also to them poohing in my garden.
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The better is to be clean around the place of the cat staying, and try to wash and change everything of cat's,as it's an animal so it can't feel smelling, anyway, to be clean is important around it.
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I have two cats and after about a year one ( the less dominant sister ) started to pee on my bed. I tried to cover up the smell with Febreze - total disaster, now I had perfumy smelling cat pee smell on my new mattress. After she peed the third time and I couldn't stand it anymore I made a paste of baking soda and water and spread it on the mattress while still moist and let it dry, This made a big improvement but did not totally get rid of the smell. Next I took some Kalia which is a hydrogen peroxide based laundry whitener and dabbed it onto the baking soda paste,  which not only killed the smell altogether but also removed the light yellow stain that was still on the mattress. I repeated the Kalia one more time for good measure and now I keep that cat out of my bedroom and the mattress is like new. After it all dried out I just brushed off the baking soda.

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