How Do You Wire A New Three Pin Plug?


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When you wire up a new plug, you need to do it properly because a wrongly wired plug can kill either by electrocution or by fire.

Undo the screw that holds the back of the plug onto the main part. Loosen the screws that hold on the plate that holds the incoming cable in place. Insert the end of the cable, so that the three exposed wires fit inside the main body of the plug.

These are colour coded: The brown wire is the live blood and is connected to the right pin. The blue wire is the neutral and needs to be connected to the left pin. The earth wire is yellow and green striped and needs to be connected to the top pin. To connect each one to the relevant pin, loosen the small screw at the top of the pin and push the exposed copper strands through, then tighten the small screw so that they are held firmly in place.

Once the three wires are in place in the three pins, tighten the screws in the cable plate so that no uninsulated wires are beyond the boundary of the plug. None of the coloured wires should be visible from the bottom of the plug and the white insulation around the wire should be clamped in place by tightening the screws on this small plate.

Make sure the plug has a working fuse of the right size, then replace the plug back plate and tighten the holding screw.
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I had similar question in mind, but when I read answer I found the colour code is not universal.
I want to connect my geyser wire to Three Pin Top, but wires are Green, Red and Black.
I understood, Black as a earthing wire need to connect Top.
Green and Red can be connected to either of two pins. Correct me if I am wrong.

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Black is neutral and connected to Left side
Green to be connected to Top as it is Earth
Red is Live and to be connected to Right

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