How To Wire A 3 Phase Plug?


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To wire a 3 phase plug you need to follow the following steps;

Ensure you have a phase system of one voltage to 360 degrees labelled 0.

Have a plotted line representing instantaneous voltage variation as per the time. Have the cycle repeated 50 times to 60 depending on your system power frequency.

Depending on your system power frequency, the cycle may be repeated 50 times or 60.

Ensure that you have identified the ground (green), neutral (white) and the high leg (orange) in the case of High leg delta system. 

The neutral wire enables the system to support low voltage appliances of a single phase while using higher voltage.

However, it should be noted that a 3 phase system may have a neutral wire or it can even operate without one.

In situations with high distribution of voltage, the loads can be connected from one phase to another. This is very common. The colors of the conductors represent the three phase of the American color code.

A 3 phase system usually has standardized circuit color wires. This is important as it enables the electrician know the purpose of various wires and where they are going.

For instance, if an electrician knows that the wire running to a plug that is not working is blue, then he can eliminate 2/3 of the circuits that are remaining.

This is very important as it helps electricians avoid the risk of unnecessary electric shock. It also eliminates the dangers of a possible fire outbreak, especially while wiring plugs.

3 phase plugs are very important and are commonly used in power calculations. These calculations are very important especially when someone has a one-phase equipment that is running on to the similar power lines with a 3-phase equipment.

The significance of this is that it helps avoid damage to equipment, which might result from the supply of excess power.
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First of all, your building needs 3 phase wiring coming into it for this to happen but also this is usually needed in commercial and industrial applications only
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Two fase on top (Two hots) and ground on the bottom. Forms a triangle   With ground on bottom.

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