How Difficult Is It To Install 3 Phase Power To Your Home Shop/garage?


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It is not considered to be too challenging to install three phase power into your home but first of all you have to make sure that three phase power is actually supplied to your house. If it is not, then you have to a new three phase power service panel and then a three phase power branch circuit installed into your garage. But then you will have to find out is three phase power supplied down your power lines? It isn't always run down past residential homes.

If you are worrying whether or not you have the necessary skills to complete this project successfully, then I suggest that you have a read of this website through this link: It is kind of a blog where the writer tells you exactly how he went about installing 3 phase power into his home. If, after reading, you think that installing it yourself will be too difficult, then it is best to call a professional electrician to come and do the job for you.

Many people on construction and home improvement websites and forums advise that you probably will not be able to get three phase power in your home even if you wanted to. As mentioned before, it can be a rather difficult thing to do just to install the three phase power service panel into your home. And then there is the possibility that three phase power isn't even run past your area.

But if you are determined to have it, then consult a professional electrician before you undertake any work yourself. They will firstly be able to tell you whether or not the project is actually doable and if it isn't, then they will be able to advise you on the next best step to take. Either way, they are the best people to talk to, even if you want to do the job yourself.
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It is not very difficult to install 3 phase power to your home or shop. Here is a link that will help you with installation of a 3 phase power However, if after reading this you think it is difficult to do, you can call an electrician.
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First you need to see if your utility company offers 3 phase power at your location. I cant get 3 phose where I am without payin them lots of money to run a three phase line to me from another part of town. If you are only going to use 3 phase power on 1 or 2 items you can look into getting a rotary phase converter. It will take single phase 240 volts and convert it to 3 phase 240. You can use that to power anything that is 3 phase 208 volts for example. They come in differnt load sizes.
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About 2 hours and 200 dollars here and a local electrician can have it hooked up and ready to go.luckily my uncle was a certified electrician for the city so he ran it all for me ,all I had to do is position/mount all the lights,and place the equipment where I needed it and buy the boxes,breakers and outlets,wiring. So if you need somethign wired ,clean out your grudge and have it all ready for the electrician to do their job,this will save time and money. I just had my washer and dryer moved up stairs so I don't have to run up and down the steps to do clothes(because of a bum knee).all for less than 150 dollars.better to have a certified electrician than risking your grudge burning down.just sayin. : )

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