How Do You Fix The Starter Cord On Craftsman Lawnmower?


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Lawnmower starter cords snap all the time and are simple enough to fix and replace. The cord is like the string on a spinning top. When it is not being used, the cord is coiled up around the outside of a pulley. As the cord is pulled, the pulley spins in place. This spinning pulley is attached to the main motor shaft which, once it is warm and operating, will kick the lawnmower into life.

Before you begin to fix your lawnmower you will first need to buy some new cord. This can be bought from most home improvement stores and cotton cord will normally do the trick. You will then need to open up the starter engine housing. This will vary for each lawnmower but can usually be done by removing the gas tank in order to access the right bolts. You should then locate the pulley that holds the starter cord, it will either be attached to the inside of the metal housing or the shaft of the mower. Cut the new cord you have bought (about nine ft to be safe) and thread it into the starter pulley, fastening it with a knot. Any frayed ends of the cord should be secured with tape. You can then wrap the cord around the pulley approximately two times. The pulley is spring loaded so you should be able to feel its recoil force building up as you spin it by hand. Avoid overfilling the channel with string or it can spill out and cause problems. You then need to pull the string through the hole in the pulley cover and replace and fasten the bolts. Test the pull cord recoil and the pulley should rotate freely with enough recoil to pull the cord back into the housing.

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Well it seems that there is some problem in the wiring of your lawnmower so you can check this website to get some help for fixing the starter cord on craftsman lawnmower.

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