How Do You Fix A Pull Cord Light Switch?


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It is quite easy to fix a pull cord light switch as sometimes the only thing wrong with it is the light bulb. Light bulbs can be easily replaced if that is the case. Light bulbs are available at all hardware stores with all different kinds of powers that you require according to your needs.

In case it is not the light bulb problem but the actual pull cord itself, then you need to get the whole thing down or get up high on a stool. The problem might be there in the cord as the connection might have become loose due to some reason. The end of the cord is connected to a small switch which turns on the bulb.

You need to check where the actual cord persists. You can check with a current screwdriver. With the help of that you will see where the current is missing, if there is a current at the switch, then you need to fix the cord or you might have to replace the whole thing as you might have blown the fuse of it. In this case, you can get a fuse at the hardware shop and you can replace it easily.

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