In Which Order Should I Decorate A Room If It's Papered?


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In which order should I decorate a room if its papered?

The first thing is obviously to get everything out and cover the floor with dust sheets. The next thing you will want to do is remove the wallpaper. Hire or buy a steamer and this will ease your job. Don't hold it over one area for too long as you may damage the plaster underneath if it becomes too hot.

After that you will want to fill in any holes in the plaster using polyfilla or something similar. Once dry, sand off the rough edges and then prepare the woodwork. First sand the woodwork down and then wash it over with sugar soap.

Remove your dust sheets, brush them off, hoover up any dust and then replace the sheets, You can then start the best bit!

Start by getting the painting out of the way. Start with the ceiling, then the skirting boards and door frames etc. Finally you can start papering the walls. You will probably need some help with this.

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