How Many Coats Should I Use To Paint A Room?


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Rachel Sharp answered
After you have prepared your room for painting you can tackle the task of application in a number of ways. Everyone has their own preferred method. However, most people agree that coverage is important. The number of coats you apply will affect the finish of the room.

Usually two coats of paint is required for a good finish. Alternatively, there is special 'one coat' paint sold in do it yourself stores. It is meant to cover the walls well with just one coat. Once you apply one coat of the paint and it dries, you will get a sense of whether you need more. The finish should be smooth and even, not patchy.

If you plan to use two coats of paint, you could either apply the first coat using the colour you intend for the room, or you could use a base white paint. It can be used as a 'cover' and can save you money from using two coats of your more expensive paint.

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