Why Do Some Of The Rooms In My House Have A Musty Smell?


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Louise Gorman answered
Damp clothing can sometimes leave a smell around the house. This happens particularly if you place it around the house on radiators, rather than hanging it out in the fresh air.

Also, if you have a basket where you place dirty clothes and it begins to build up, then this could cause a musty smell.

If you have pets, then rooms can start to smell if you don't clean them or their cages out regularly. If you have a cat, then check to make sure it hasn't been hunting and left something lying around! If you have any damp patches in any rooms, this could cause a smell. Leaking radiators which have caused damp patches could make a room smell damp or musty.

Try buying a few air fresheners and placing them around the house. Incense sticks can help to get rid of the smell, as well as scented candles.
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Allen Blaker answered
Odors are caused by bacteria and most bacteria need moisture and specific temperatures to grow. Moisture is the key if there is a must odor, then it is likely due to bio-organic growth, better known as mold. Mold is nothing to sneeze at! It can compromise your imune system, triger severe asthma and even result in death. Cold like symptoms are often caused by mold.

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